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I had a digestive problem for many years and could just not get rid of it. However, a discussion with Kate and a change of diet helped immediately. She listened sympathetically to my explanation of symptoms, explained her recommended course of action most professionally, and I could not thank her enough for the improvement she has made to my life. I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone.
— Mary, North Yorkshire
I have finished a 3 month consultation with Kate Black @bespokent and wow, what an amazing service she offers. I went to see Kate as I felt nutrition was the missing link in my fitness regime; I wanted more energy, less bloating, more muscle and a sustainable diet (instead of a starving/binging/cleansing cycle). All my goals have been achieved. Kate is very knowledgable, super practical and she is also flipping lovely 😊 big thank you from me!
— Victoria, Harpenden
Kate really knows her stuff! She is a pleasure to deal with - asks insightful, intelligent and relevant questions, promotes useful debate and really got me thinking about the way we eat as a family and how this could be improved. The improvements suggested and the recipes provided were extremely useful and have instigated new and more healthy ways of cooking for the family on a daily basis. Kate is nurturing, professional, approachable and someone I would heartily recommend to anyone looking to make changes in the way they and their family eat and plan their weekly menus.
— Ali, Harpenden
After 5 years suffering from acid indigestion and other minor ailments, Kate helped to alleviate my symptoms which enabled me to take myself off medication. She gave me a real understanding of what foods were triggers and how to make better nutritional choices. She is clearly passionate about nutrition and I’d recommend her if you want to address the cause rather than the symptoms.
— Scott, Harpenden
Both my husband and myself had been suffering from silent reflux for a number of years. After filling in a very detailed questionnaire, we met seperately with Kate who talked us through diet plans, and explained why she was suggesting particular foods to eliminate or include in our diet. She was clearly very knowledgable and enthusiastic about nutrition and her recommendations have led to no longer needing to take a prescription drug for the reflux and to us both feeling more lively.
— Nick & Lesley, Edinburgh
It has been a fantastic experience for me and has enabled me to introduce a healthier more balanced diet for myself and the family, with some great ideas of easy healthy recipes. I have managed to cut down my sugar intake and processed foods.. introducing more fresh vegetables and fruit, plus seeds which I have never used before in my cooking! It has given me inspiration to change my eating habits (particularly eating high sugar foods in in the evenings, which I wanted to stop) and I will continue to take a lot out of this programme in the future.
Many thanks Kate for my very positive first introduction to a healthier eating lifestyle. I have very much enjoyed the challenge.
— Sue, Harpenden
This has been a complete game changer for me. I realise now, after 5 weeks, how awful and unhealthy I had felt previously and that this was solely due to what I had been eating and snacking on - I really hadn’t been listening to what my body was telling me.I am going to continue with my new found knowledge and routine as I never want to go back to feeling the way I did before. Kate’s end of Programme notes will be printed off and be a permanent guide. I know there will be times when it might not be possible to eat as I would like (eating at friends/family/holidays/nights out) but I will try and choose the healthier options.
— Coral, Harpenden
Feel Great in Five Weeks is a fantastic programme for anyone looking to increase their energy levels and feel healthier. Kate makes the programme very easy to follow and although challenging at times, it is well worth it. I have come away from the programme with lots of positive changes to my diet that I have adopted permanently and the gradual nature of the programme makes it much easier to stick to. I was also introduced to lots of healthy foods that I would never have chosen before which has been great, not just for me but also for the rest of my family. I highly recommend Kate and the programme and I am very glad that I took part.
— Anna, Harpenden

The program has really allowed me to get to the bottom of minor digestive complaints, as well as allowed me to find some great alternatives for me and the kids to snack on.
— Mel, Harpenden
An informative and accessible nutritional programme which enables you to make informed decisions about your diet and to understand how these decisions affect your health and well being. Kate is really knowledgeable and approachable and is very supportive and encouraging throughout the 5 weeks. I would highly recommend the programme.
— Sarah, Harpenden
This is the first diet I have ever done, with my main aim to stop eating so much sugar. Since doing the diet I have much better control over my need for sugar and suffer far less with the late afternoon lows where I feel the desperate need for sugar. It has also helped me recalibrate some of my other bad eating and drinking habits
— Jackie, St Albans
Feel good in 5 weeks is a steady programme that encourages mindful eating. With group support it is manageable and encouraging. A lovely way to find a balance in your body through eating well.
— Vicci, Liverpool
Although I was a healthy eater before hand this plan really helped me to understand more about nutrition and the benefits of eating a variety of food. I never found the plan too hard to follow (accept maybe squeezing in a glass of wine at the weekend!) and after each week I could really feel the benefits, not only through weight loss but in energy levels and general well being. Kate has been a font of information and has always been there when I asked for information or help. The documentation provided with the plan was always interesting and informative and the recipes have been great fun to try. I’m looking forward to carrying on with my improved understanding of food and nutrition - especially my breakfast smoothies which have been a revelation! I love them!! Thanks Kate
— Alex P
An informative and non patronising program that gives you much food for thought and the tools to make small or significant changes in your approach to nutrition. Thank you
— Amanda, Australia
I had awful eczema on my hands at the start of this plan and within a few weeks it has disappeared. My sugar cravings have completely gone, I have more energy and losing a few pounds is always nice! Kate’s vast knowledge helps you understand nutrition what you should and shouldn’t eat and why.
— Emma, Harpenden
The programme can be as straightforward and simple as you choose it to be; and it gives you the incentive and discipline to make the improvements to your diet and lifestyle you know you should make!
— Elizabeth, Scotland
Kate’s approach was great. Very supportive and non judgmental. The knowledge and recipes are great.
— Hayley, St Albans