Welcome to my website, thank you so much for dropping in.  I hope it brings you a world of health and happiness.


i’m Kate Black, registered Nutritional Therapist and Founder of Bespoke Nutritional Therapy in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. 

BA hons & Dip Dance Theatre, Dip ION, mBANT, CNHC

I'm on a mission to inform, inspire, and encourage a healthy happier you.   

My Journey

As an ex-dancer and later a busy TV Producer/Director I was on the classic “grab and go’’ diet, fueling my body with whatever I could find, eating out and ‘drinking’ far too much.  Little did I know that these choices played havoc with my health.  I was constantly exhausted and run down with colds, cold sores, bad skin, and weight gain.  Having children was my wake up call.  I became acutely aware of what we ate and made sure everything was clean, natural, organic and fresh.  I began to plan and shop efficiently, taught myself to cook nutrient dense food, exercised regularly and lost weight.  I glowed, had infinite energy and felt the best ‘ME’ ever.   This new found health spurred me into studying at the prestigious Institute for Optimal Nutrition (ION)  and I’m now passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience to empower you to feel the best ‘YOU’ ever.  Become a client here kate@bespokenutritionaltherapy.co.uk 07971647444 


 Kate Black

 - Founder Bespoke Nutritional Therapy