As a qualified Nutritional Therapist with a Functional Medicine approach, I am highly trained to understand how nutrients, food and lifestyle factors can influence your body’s function.  I am like a detective and aim to really get to know you and the intricate web of your health.  Together we will take the time needed to discuss your health concerns in an environment that is relaxed, chatty, non judgmental and safe for you to express yourself fully, in order to discover your health goals.  My evidence based knowledge helps me research, investigate, and uncover biochemical imbalances and root causes that may be preventing optimal health.  I do not just ‘treat’ your symptoms.  Together we will devise a manageable and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme personal to your needs, to nourish you from the inside so you get the best outcome possible.  Plans may include laboratory tests and food or botanical supplementation.  With ongoing encouragement, support, motivation and contact with other relevant medical and complementary professionals, I will help you reach your goals safely.  There is nothing I dream of more than to empower you to health and happiness to discover the best ‘YOU’ ever.  Become a client here